Connecting you with new overseas partners

We play an important role in establishing business relationships between two or more partners in the medical field. Our activities are made behind the scenes and our partners prefer it that way.

We are successful with our activities, perhaps because we work on success-basis. We do not invoice our working hours before we jointly succeed to find a partner for you. When we do, your business will expand and your payment to us will be based on the turnover you make with your new partner.

An extensive network of contacts with major companies throughout the world, in-house expertise in

complete the framework for success.

We have the expertise in:

Are you aware of cultural differences? Starting on the wrong foot can be a problem. We assist you in making co-operation agreements which are positive for both parties otherwise the co-operation will be a "butterfly-business".

Not only legal advice is important in business negotiations. Also technical understanding as well as marketing and sales experience in the field is useful. We can assist you in the start-up of the co-operation. Not only shipping of products is important, many logistic aspects must be taken into account as well. We of course stay on your side as advisor during the co-operation.

If you are outside Europe, perhaps a liaison or marketing office is a good first step in expanding your European business. We co-operate with Swiss authorities on a regular basis and know what can be helpful when starting up an European HQ in Switzerland.